December 15, 2017

Day 349: Where I Stand

Capture Your 365 Day 349: Where I Stand.
In my backyard with some freshly picked lemons.

This photo was featured in the daily
Capture Your 365 Instagram Square!

Day 346: Lights

Capture Your 365 Day 346: Lights.
When you really want to get a beautiful picture of holiday lights 
but your cat gets involved....

December 11, 2017

Weeknight Lemon Chicken Skillet Dinner

Another winner tonight: 
Recipe from Cooking Light
I prepped the veggies and measured the rest 
of the ingredients ahead of time 
so this came together pretty quickly at dinner time. 
It was a hit, even with the visible mushrooms! 
7 Weight Watchers Freestyle/Smart Points.

Day 354: Bells

Capture Your 365 Day 354: Bells.

Days 340 and 341

Days 340 and 341.
Fun with water droplet refraction!

Capture Your 365 Day 340: The Colors of Christmas.

Capture Your 365 Day 341: Holiday Whimsy. 

December 6, 2017

PB&J Stuffed Multigrain Pancakes

There are a few steps in this recipe
but they are worth it!
The pancakes have peanut butter powder in them
and are filled with the jam of your choice.
Topped with powdered sugar and served with fresh blueberries.
Recipe from Cooking Light.
6 Weight Watchers Smart Points each.

December 2, 2017

StockedFullofCheer Day 2: Explore a Holiday Event

Capturing December in Stockton, California. 
Day 2: Explore a Holiday Event. 
There are so many holiday events happening in Stockton! 
Last night we went to the 1st Annual Lighted Boat Show at Village West Marina.

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