February 27, 2011

Photo Challenge: Lavender

Time for another challenge at Project 64: Out of the Box.  Each week a random crayon is chosen from a 64 count box of Crayola Crayons.  That color is used as inspiration for the week, the challenge is to find and photograph the weekly color in the world around us. 

This weeks color is Lavender.  When I think of lavender I think of a light, dusty purple.  Crayola Crayon Lavender, the color inspiration, is more of a cool pink, maybe a pink with a hint of blue, or a very pinkish purple.  Either way I did not have a hard time finding this color.  Thanks to all the blooming flowers around here I found Crayola Lavender everywhere I went.

This is the picture I am submitting for this weeks challenge:

Here are some other lavender pictures I took recently:

This beautiful lavender bush is in my friend Susie's garden:

Lavender sunset and windmills near the Altamont Pass:

Magnolia trees are blooming and I never realized how many there were untill I started looking for this color:

I know you want a lavender Lexus.

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