February 22, 2011

Photographic Scavenger Hunt

It's scavenger hunt time again at Ramblings and Photos.   Each week 5 items are listed and participants photograph their interpretations of the items. The items this week are Chocolate, Numbers, Canned Food, Music, and Stack.

Here are my items:

Chocolate....and an espresso!

(Big Boy's 8th grade Algebra Book)

Canned Food
There is NO photographic creativity here. 
This was taken at my local grocery store with my cell phone.  I am almost obsessed with this Whole Chicken in a Can, with giblets.  So obsessed that when I saw 'canned food' was a scavenger hunt item this chicken was the ONLY thing I thought of.  I really want to know what the whole chicken looks like but I am terrified to actually see it.  Recipes are on the back of the can however I don't think I will make them.  Also gotta love that Whole Chicken in a Can is located next to the pickled pigs feet.


Typical weekend brunch.

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