February 22, 2011

Photographic Scavenger Hunt

It's scavenger hunt time again at Ramblings and Photos.   Each week 5 items are listed and participants photograph their interpretations of the items. The items this week are Chocolate, Numbers, Canned Food, Music, and Stack.

Here are my items:

Chocolate....and an espresso!

(Big Boy's 8th grade Algebra Book)

Canned Food
There is NO photographic creativity here. 
This was taken at my local grocery store with my cell phone.  I am almost obsessed with this Whole Chicken in a Can, with giblets.  So obsessed that when I saw 'canned food' was a scavenger hunt item this chicken was the ONLY thing I thought of.  I really want to know what the whole chicken looks like but I am terrified to actually see it.  Recipes are on the back of the can however I don't think I will make them.  Also gotta love that Whole Chicken in a Can is located next to the pickled pigs feet.


Typical weekend brunch.

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Ashley Sisk said...

These are great - I love your spin on numbers and stacked!

Anonymous said...

Great photos but I just can't wrap myself around the "Fowl in a Can" thing.... Sounds gross. I wouldn't open it either!! NANCY A.

flat yeast bread said...

Whole canned chicken! I've never seen that, and next to pigs feet, PRICELESS!
Great shoots, your espresso and chocolate are calling my name.

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